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Future Archaeology Credits

a film by: Armin Linke and Francesco Mattuzzi
visual effects: Francesco Siddi
sound design: Renato Rinaldi
camera: Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi
editing: Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi, Renato Rinaldi

introduction texts: Alessandro Petti
Oush Grabh voice and text: Sandi Hilal
Ramallah voice and text: Nasser Aburahme
Psagot voice and text: Eyal Weizman

produced by: Armin Linke

in collaboration with the project Decolonizing Architecture
Alessandro Petti, Eyal Weizman, Sandi Hilal

special thanks to:

Umberto Cantoni, Reem Fadda, Majd Abdel Hamid
Herwig Hoffmann, Johan Holten, Pietro Onofri, Ludger Pfanz

with the support of:

Heidelberger Kunstverein
Expanded 3 Digital Cinema Laboratory
University for Arts and Design Karlsruhe
Cinema Arcadia, Melzo (Milano - IT)

subtitles: Sonia Arw

  Copyright ©2010 - Armin Linke, Francesco Mattuzzi